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Crash is the definitive Illustrated history of the drum kits of rock ’n’ roll legends. Featuring images from live concerts, outdoor festivals, and private recording sessions, this volume captures the personal connection between artist and instrument.
books, resources, david frangioni, crash, drumming, clint eastwood, icon, film art
Clint Eastwood ICON presents an unprecedented collection of film art surrounding the legendary actor. This comprehensive trove gathers together poster art, lobby cards, studio ads, and esoteric film memorabilia from around the world.
david frangioni, industrial dance, dance, sample, music, music industry
East-West Dance/Industrial 1 - Sample Collection
Dance Industrial 1 is the pioneer of supplying the individual elements of complex loops and the first sample CD to contain slammin' original industrial dance loops. "A hard fist-full of deadly loops & hard-edged percussion to give your tracks attitude" - Future Music, UK.
david frangioni, industrial dance, dance, sample, music, music industry
East-West Dance/Industrial 2 - Sample Collection
Dance Industrial 2 construction loops start with a 4-bar loop followed by all the beats and pieces that make up the loop. There are 154 loops and 1500 samples. You also get all kinds of drum hits and loop fragments as well as a host of industrial sounds, and other instruments.
david frangioni, brian frasier, books, resources, drumming, drum, musicians
R.A.W. David Frangioni Presents Brian Frasier -Moore Vol 1
This drum sample library features the playing of groove-master Brian Fraiser-Moore. Brian is the consummate musician and time-keeper having played with Madonna, Usher, Backstreet Boys, Justin Timberlake, Toni Braxton, Keny Babyface Edmonds, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Timbaland, Queen Latifah and many more.
david frangioni, more than styx, books, resources, drumming, drum, musicians
More Than Styx -Todd Sucherman
MTS is a 2-CD set of drum loops featuring drummer Todd Sucherman; recorded live to 24-Bit multitrack, dithered to 16-Bit, and mixed to stereo for CD. It also includes the complete library of the original Wendell Jr. sounds by Roger Nichols.
david frangioni, steve smith, books, resources, drumming, drum, musicians
EastWest Steve Smith's Rhythmic Journey
Steve Smith used to play drums with Journey, a melodic rock band who ruled America's airwaves 25 years ago. This sample library contains 452 drum loops, the majority of which are two bars long. The performance samples have been internally looped, so if you hold down a key, they repeat indefinitely—handy for instant jamming.
david frangioni, audio swag, mug, books, resources, drumming, drum, musicians
Audio Swag
Studio swagger for the avid musician from mugs to t-shirts to hoodies. Limited stock. Quality assured.

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