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Drums & Drumming

A Lifelong Passion

David Frangioni started playing the drums at age 18 months. He has never put the sticks down although since then, he’s added pens, electronics, technology, Apple pencils and a myriad of other tools to his drumming arsenal!

Modern Drummer

As a lifelong reader of Modern Drummer, it was a true dream realized to become Publisher in 2019. David is bringing Modern Drummer into the 21st Century with digital initiatives, new on-line and festival-based educational programs and state-of-the-art resources for all drummers throughout the world.

Crash Book

From Appice to Peart to Van Halen, David’s best-selling coffee table book features dozens of new photos of iconic drum sets and the drummers that made them famous.  If you love drums, drumming or drummers, Crash is a must-have! Available below.

Carl Palmer

Drummer,  Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Asia, more

There's a brand new book; it is the book on drum sets. Throughout the last twenty years there's been many many favorite drum sets, of many many fans. There's been many famous drum sets. I've got one in this book - it's by David Frangioni.

It's called Crash - it's an incredible book. If you want to see the history from the beginning to the very end of what has gone on over the last twenty - thirty years,  it's in this book. 

Resource Videos

David Frangioni loves to play the drums, learn more about the instrument everyday, explore technology applications for the drumset and then share everything he’s learning with the world!  Check here for the latest videos and resources that David is creating.

Drum Loops

David Frangioni, along with Doug Rogers & East-West, created one of the first drum loop sample libraries of all-time: Dance/Industrial - Pro Samples 5.  This also became one of the biggest-selling drum loop libraries of all-time!  

David then went onto create 4 more drum loop libraries including Dance/Industrial II, Steve Smith: Rhythmic Journey, Todd Sucherman “More Than Styx,” and Brian Fraiser-Moore “Groove for Life.”  David pioneered drum loops, triggering and drum libraries since 1988.


East-West Dance/Industrial 1 - Sample Collection

Dance Industrial 1 is the pioneer of supplying the individual elements of complex loops and the first sample CD to contain slammin' original industrial dance loops. "A hard fist-full of deadly loops & hard-edged percussion to give your tracks attitude" - Future Music, UK.

East-West Dance/Industrial 2 - Sample Collection

Dance Industrial 2 construction loops start with a 4-bar loop followed by all the beats and pieces that make up the loop. There are 154 loops and 1500 samples. You also get all kinds of drum hits and loop fragments as well as a host of industrial sounds, and other instruments.

Luxury in Full Effect

The podcast where David and Justin interview those operating at the top of the luxury industry - including the entertainment, real estate, celebrity industries and everything in between!

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